Complete Rest house

$ 282 /1 Nights
  • No meals included.
Amount - 2 adult(s) and 0 child(ren)


It consists of 3 bedrooms with an attached washroom. 

Room Amenities

  • Extra towels/bedding
  • Makeup/shaving mirror
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shower
  • Slippers
  • housekeeping
  • TV
  • Morning wake up
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0 US / 1 Nights



TDCP Murree- Full Rest House facility is located at 1.2 KMs from Lower Topa on Express Way, Murree. The resort is fully functional with all the modern-day amenities comprising of 03 Bedrooms with attached bath, TV Lounge, Dining room, Parking, Lawns with illumination and sits out arrangments (Driver/Servant stay facility is also available). The Resident Staff comprises of Chef, Bearers, Housekeeping, Caretaker and Security Guards is available. Arrangments of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Tea, etc are also available as per requirements and shall be charged accordingly.

Policy & Terms

  • CNIC is compulsory.
  • Food will be charged extra.
  • 25 % off for Govt servants and parliamentarians.

Check in

Check in : 02:00 PM
Check out : 12:00 PM

Hotel Amenities

allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Laundry Service
allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Restaurant
allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Wi-Fi
allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Lounge
allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Parking
allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Air Conditioner
allinone-travel-reservation-booking-hotel-maroc Dinning Hall

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